4th Grade

Grade(s): 4th Grade

Welcome To 4th Grade At Mountain View

Welcome to fourth grade at Mountain View Elementary School!  We are excited that you are joining us and would like to share some information with you.

We have four classrooms in our grade level.  Our fourth-grade team is Barbara Wright, Tom Doyle, Joe Schones, and Guy Shaffer.  Reading and writing are taught by Mrs. Wright and Mr. Doyle. Math and science are taught by Mr. Shaffer and Mr. Schones.  We all teach social studies to our own homerooms.  Mr. Schones and Mr. Doyle team together, as do Mrs. Wright and Mr. Shaffer.

Please visit each teacher's home page, the 4th-Grade Curriculum page, or the specific content pages (Math Page, for example) for more detailed information on what is being taught.  We have lots of information and help which can be accessed from these pages!

4th Grade Classrooms

Mr. Doyle's Classroom

We are all teachers. We are all learners.

Welcome to fourth grade! My name is Tom Doyle, although some students refer to me as Bo Rush (my pen name). I teach Language Arts to my homeroom and Mr. Schones' homeroom.  Mr. Schones and I also share Social Studies instruction for both of our...

Ms. O'Donnell-Wright's Class

Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army. (E. Everett)

Welcome!  My name is Barbara O'Donnell-Wright.  This is my first year at Mountain View Elementary.  I will be teaching Reading and Writing to both Mr. Shaffer's and my homerooms.  Mr. Shaffer will be teaching Math and Science to our respective...

Mr. Schones' Class

Work hard in school now so you can play hard later!

Hello, my name is Joe Schones. Welcome to my classroom! I teach math, science and social studies to my homeroom and math and science to Mr. Doyle's homeroom. Please make sure to look for your child's math homework each day. The homework should help...

Mr. Shaffer's Class

Education is the ability to meets life's situations.

Hello, and welcome to fourth-grade!  I'm Guy Shaffer, and I teach math, science, and social studies to my homeroom and math and science to Mrs. Wright's homeroom.  The Everyday Math program that we use was revised to better address the common core...