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Art, Music, Technology and P.E. provide our Mountain View students with opportunities to grow and express themselves outside of the regular classroom.  Our classes utilize critical thinking, problem-solving skills, cooperative learning, teamwork, exploration and risk taking in a safe, all-inclusive environment. Click on the attachment below and view the specials calendar to see when your child will be attending Art, Computer Technology, Music, and P.E.

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PDF icon 1, 2, 3 Specials October '18_1.pdf59.77 KB08/30/2018
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Specials Classrooms

Mrs. La's Class

Subject: Art
Welcome to the art room! Hello! My name is Jennifer La and I am excited to be the art teacher at Mountain View! I believe in providing students lots of opportunities to experiment, explore and problem solve using a variety of materials and...

Mr. Reagan's Class

Subject: Music
Welcome to Mr. Reagan's online classroom at Mountain View Elementary. In the music room, students are engaged in learning through instrument playing, speech games, songs, and dance education. Standards-based grading utilizes four concept areas:...

Coach S's Class

Subject: Physical Education
What students will be doing in Physical Education-Students will be challenged in P.E. through a variety of life-long activities. Students will be exposed to learning targets through a "Body-Brain-Character" lens. They will begin class with a...

Mrs. Stuut's Class

Subject: Technology
Welcome to Mrs. Stuut's Technology Specials class! I am a firm believer that the future of both education and the work force will increasingly revolve around technology. In this specials class, I will prepare your child to use technology safely...