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Adventure Day

Date & Time: 
Friday, May 21, 2021 (All day)

What day will this take place?- May 21, 2021 (rain/snow date May 27, 2021)

What is the time frame for this event?- It will be an extended Specials schedule lasting 60 minutes for each class. 

Will parents and families be allowed to come watch? Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we will NOT be allowing visitors to come watch the events. 

Anything different for lunch/recess? No, some classes may flip-flop their times but overall this should look the same. Hot lunch will be provided as normal but students are welcome to bring cold lunch. 

What will my child need to bring/wear? Active-wear is recommended (including PE shoes) and dress for the weather. As always, students should also bring a water bottle to school but there will be limited cups available.