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Ms. Faliano's Class

Artwork by Chuck Baird.

What is an itinerant/resource teacher?

  • The primary responsibilities of itinerant teachers are to help others understand how to effectively interact with children who are deaf and hard of hearing and to teach students the knowledge and skills they need to become successful adults.
  • Resource teachers address IEP objectives in areas such as reading, language, writing, math, self-advocacy and auditory training.
  • They also provide academic support to help students succeed in the general education classroom. ¬†This may be through pre-teaching concepts and vocabulary, re-teaching concepts and vocabulary at a different pace or using a variety of different strategies, or preparing for upcoming tests and projects.
  • Itinerant teachers collaborate and consult with families and educators in oder to help others understand the potential impact of a hearing loss, possible accommodations and modifications to best meet student needs, and gathering and sharing data on student performance to help guide instruction.

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