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Mr. Reagan's Class


Welcome to Mr. Reagan's online classroom at Mountain View Elementary. In the music room, students are engaged in learning through instrument playing, speech games, songs, and dance education. Standards-based grading utilizes four concept areas: Expression, Creation, Theory, and Aesthetic Valuation. Expression is knowing the meaning or concept behind the activity so that the emotion is portrayed when the music is heard or played. The element of theory is important to our classroom because there are skills and knowledge that are needed to be able to play music at the rigorous level. Aesthetic Valuation simply means that students are asked to talk about, make decisions, and provide opinions about the music we play and hear together in the classroom.

In the music room, what the students create is key! Mr. Reagan provides a facilitative, student-centered music environment that introduces a jumping off point for the end result to be decided as an ensemble within the class. This divergent model of music eduation is called Orff-Schulwerk. This approach was created when a famous German composer (Carl Orff) collaborated with a dance instructor Gunild Keetman. From this collaboration a large body of elemental music and an approach to teaching children emerged. The Orff-Schulwerk approach uses everything that children already use: Playing, singing, dancing or movement, and speaking. Please watch the videos below about what Orff-Schulwerk and its use within the classroom. You may also visit or even arrange a visit into your child's music classroom to see what music awakens in your child! Mr. Reagan always invites parents to participate in any music class.   

There are several co-curricular ensembles that are available at MVE. Please see information about The Mountain Movers, Mountain Aires Choir, Bucket Drumming Ensemble, and The Mountain Handbell Choir above on the 'pages' tab.