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2nd Grade

General Education

Welcome to the Superb Second Grade at Mountain View Elementary School.

In second grade we build on Mountain View’s commitment for Ensuring Success for all Students by building on the foundation from kindergarten and first grade. We do this through collaboration, individualized instruction, communication and motivation. 


There are six reading units in second grade.  We focus on these six units during whole group instruction.  More information about each unit will be shared in our monthly newsletter. The following are the units taught for reading: 1) Recount Responses (recounting is different than retelling.  Second graders will be expected to write their recount) 2) Focus on Text Features and Facts (non-fiction) 3)Rhythms and Representations (non-fiction) 4) Order Makes Sense (non-fiction) 5)Voices in Varied Versions (fiction-comparing two versions of the same story) 6)Comparing Points and Purpose (comparing non-fiction).


Spelling in second grade is differentiated for your second grader using the program Words Their Way.   This program allows each child to work at their appropriate instructional level.  New words will be introduced every Wednesday in class with a guided teacher sort in a small group setting.  Second graders will be working on sorting words into categories where they are noticing similarites and differences between words that sound alike during center time (Daily 5 time) in the readers workshop.  This program focuses less on memorization and more on allowing students to work with the words during word sorts to give them the chance to learn spelling patterns and rules of spelling which is then reflected in their authentic writing.

Word sorts will be sent home every Wednesday.  It is generally a good idea to store the word sort in a Ziploc baggy, so your child can use it throughout the week.  At the bottom of each sort the number and title of categories will be written for the given sort.  The headers for each category will be underlined.   Oddballs are words that do not fit in any of the categories but may look like they do, it is best to say each word out loud and listen for where each word may fit.  Second graders need to cut out each word and sort them into categories under the headers.  Ask your child to explain to you why the words/pictures are sorted in a particular way.  What does the sort reval about the spelling pattern in general?  Students will be taught the different ways they can sort. 


Writing in second grade is exciting! In addition to writing throughout all subject areas to explain their thinking, students have a Writer's Workshop time daily. There will be six writing units explored in second grade.  Students will keep these in a writers notebook throughout the year.  We will send information about each unit in our monthly newsletter.  The units that will be taught are: Personal Narrative, Informational Writing, Opinion Writing, Research Writing, Narrative Writing, Opinion Writing with Text based evidence.

Writing will be assessed through an on-demand piece or an end of unit products.  Second graders will have the opportunity to show us what they have learned by writing a genre-specific piece that will be graded on a rubric.  The rubrics will assess content and ideas, organization, style, spelling, and conventions. 


In math, Mountain View is using Everyday Math 4th Edition.  This new editon of the program is aligned with the common core curriculum.  We will be spending quite a bit of time teaching your children to talk and write about their thinking.  Second graders will learn to work cooperatively with their peers while solving complex problems.  Each lesson has differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students, from struggling to high achieving.  Each month a newsletter will come home with an explanation about what we are learning.  We will also be sending home a Parent Newsletter at the end of each unit.  Please take a look at these, and keep them in an easily accessible location.  They will have all the answers to the homework and ideas for extending or bridging the mathematical learning at home.

In second grade, our instructional time will focus on four critical mathematical areas (extending understanding of base-ten notation; building fluency with addition and subtraction; using standard units of measure; desciring and analyxing shapes)and eight mathematical practice areas (make sense of problems and persevere in solving them; reason abstractly and quantitatively; construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others; model with mathematics; use appropriate tools strategically; attend to precision; look fo rand make use of structure; look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning).

Math will be assessed through Everyday Math assessments.  For each unit assessment every student will have the opportunity to show advanced thinking through open response and/or challenge problems.  Assessment information will be shared with parents using a provild of progress. 


There are three main units in 2nd grade science. We learn about Plants, Animals and their Environments; Forces in Motion;  and Weather and Seasons. Students explore these concepts from a combination of direct instruction and hands on experimentation. 

Assessments for science will be created based on the second grade science standards.  Information about the assessments will be sent home at the end of each unit.  The grades can also be found in Infinite Campus.

Social Studies

Social studies will be taught in between the science units.  They are shorter units which is why there are more units in social studies than science.  The following are the units that will be taught: My Role in the Community; Geography in my Community; Communities in our Past; How Geographers Talk about the World; Conflict in the Community; Decision Making (Personal Financial Literacy)

Social studies will be assessed based on the second grade social studies standards.  Assessment information will be sent home at the end of each unit.  Grades will also be found in Infinte Campus

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