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3rd Grade

Third grade is an exciting year at Mountain View! Students transition from being dependent to independent learners. In all content areas, students work collaboratively on projects and we often bring in technology to enhance their learning. One special piece of third grade is learning cursive. We look forward to working with you and your family to make your third graders year a productive and fun one! 

This page will be updated monthly with our current units of instruction, math games to enjoy at home with your family, and important dates to mark on the calendar.  We will send out a Remind message to let you know when the website has been updated. 

Remote Learning Websites & Office Hours

Teachers will be available through email and Remind for questions, clarifications, and extra support during their posted office hours.  If you would like to schedule a video call during a teacher's office hours please send an email to request a time.   

Please reach out to your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Ms. Ferrero's (Gallas) Google Classroom

Office Hours - M/W/F 9:00-10:00 12:00-1:00  & T/TH 12:00-2:00

Mrs. Scherrer's Google Classroom

Office Hours - Daily 8:00-9:00/ 1:30-2:30

Ms. Kaylor's Google Classroom

Office Hours - M/W/F 9-11:00 & T/TH 1:00 - 3:00

Mrs. Wolfe's Google Classroom

Office Hours - Daily 8:30-9:30/1:00-2:00

Extended Spring Break Websites & Activities

Math Game Website - 

Books read by actors -

Typing - & 

Board and Card Games

Have your kids cook with you to practice their fractions!

Upcoming Important Dates 

Remote Learning - April 1st - April 17th

CMAS Testing - Canceled 

Eco Cycle Field Trips // Canceled

 **Please be sure to be checking and reading the Friday Flash sent to your email by Administration as it will always include important information and events about Mountain View.  If you are not receiving the Friday Flash email, please contact either Ana or Marcy at (720) 972-5520 to help you get added onto that email list.**



After conferences we are began a unit on fractions.  In this unit students developed a deeper understanding regarding the parts of fractions, how to use fractions, different ways to represent fractions, comparing fractions, and using fractions in the real world.  Through this unit students learned to represent fractions in multiple ways including number lines, circles, number of items in a set, and time.  When you see an opportunity to talk about fractions with your students in the real world (cooking, measuring, ect.) please do so to deepen their understanding. Due to the Extended Spring Break this unit was cut short by a week.  We will review when we return to school.


When we return to school we will begin a geometry unit.  This is a quick unit that focuses on shape attributes (number of sides, angles, and vertices).  Students will be expected to identify and sort shapes by their attributes. 


English Language Arts Grade 3 Unit 6: Similar Stories and Structures

In reading we will begin our sixth unit which is a study of multiple stories by the same author, comparing themes, settings, and plots using terms to refer to parts of stories, describing how each part builds upon earlier sections. Our focus author for this unit is Chris Van Allsburg, however students will be exposed to poetry as well throughout the unit. Students will understand readers compare and contrast the themes, settings, and plots of stories written by the same author about the same or similar characters by identifying what is similar and different in the settings, plots, and themes of each story, and interpreting how those similarities and differences add to an understanding of characters, build knowledge of diverse settings, and/or provide insight about distinct messages across texts.

Throughout all of the reading units this year, we will be pushing kids to justify and support their thinking by going back into the text and finding text evidence.  This will require students to go back and re-read a text multiple times, and pay attention to the illustrations, both lifelong learning skills of all successful readers.

Using links on the literacy page, you will find both the third grade literacy (fiction texts) common core reading standards and the informational (non-fiction texts) common core reading standards. 


Unit 6: Narrative Writing - Students will write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.

 Students will...

  • write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events.

  • establish the situation and introduce the narrator and/or characters.

  • use dialogue and description of actions, thoughts and feelings to develop experiences and events or show the response of characters to situations.

  • use temporal words and phrases to signal event order.

  • provide a sense of closure for readers.


Science Grade 3: Unit 3 - Earth Materials: Rock Cycle-A study of how rocks and soil (Earth’s surface material) can be broken down through the processes of weathering and erosion.

Students will...

  • use models to investigate and identify two or more ways that Earth’s materials can be broken down and/or combined

  • utilize a variety of media sources to collect and analyze data around Earth’s materials and the processes by which they are formed

  • identify and explain patterns of rock formations based on evidence


Typically, the only homework that we require nightly is reading homework. We believe that time after school should be spent participating in extra curricular activities and spending time as a family.  Our second homework assignment was sent home the day before our Extended Spring Break.  We understand that community service can be hard while people are practing soical distancing.  However, there are many activites that can be done from home to support our community such as ...

  • writing letters or drawing pictures for residence that are currently living in assisted living faciliteis.
  • cleaning out closets and toys to donate
  • bringing your neighbors an extra role of toliet paper
  • letter writing campaign to government officials
  • create a plan that could limit grocery store shortages

Make-up Work

We understand that there maybe times where students have to miss an extended time in school whether it be for family emergencies or fun travel plans.  During this time we DO NOT send make-up work for your student to complete during.  There are a number of reasons why we do no send make-up work.  First, this time is meant for families to spend together.  We would rather your student enjoy the time traveling than worrying about getting school work done.  Another reason is that most of the work that would need to be made up is accompanied by a lesson in the classroom.  The work would be unproductive without the corresponding classroom lesson.  Also, if the reason that the student is missing school is for an emergency, we don't want you and your family worrying about class work when there are more pressing matters on your mind.  If you would like some work for your child during this time we suggest reading and writing a journal entry about their experience.  

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