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3rd Grade

Third grade is an exciting year at Mountain View! Students transition from being dependent to independent learners. In all content areas, students work collaboratively on projects and we often bring in technology to enhance their learning. One special piece of third grade is learning cursive. We look forward to working with you and your family to make your third graders year a productive and fun one!

**We will update our website with information as we receive it from the district.**


Remote Learning 

This year for remote learning, Adams 12 will be using a platform called Schoology.  Every student in grades k-12 will be using this platform to provide continuity for families across the district.  Below you can click on the link to find your child's dashboard.  On the dashboard, you will need to click on the "Schoology" button.

Daily Learning Schedule

Please note that the school day starts at 8:05am and esynchronous learning ends at 1:00pm Monday through Friday. Students are expected to be present during the synchronous (live) learning times and working independently or with a small group during asynchronous learning time each day to be considered present. We recommend making sure your child logs into the live Zoom link for each day by 8:00a.m. to ensure that all technology is working appropriately. 

Teachers will be available through email and Remind for questions, clarifications, and extra support during their posted office hours.  If you would like to schedule a video call during a teacher's office hours please send an email to request a time.   

Please reach out to your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Daily Schedule Monday-Friday

8:05- SEL/ Announcements

8:15- Specials

8:45- Reading Lesson

9:15- Writing

10:00- Centers

10:45- Lunch/Recess

11:30- Math

12:30 - Science/Social St. 

1:00 End of Synchronous Learning

Adams 12 Daily Attendance Policy

Attendance must be taken daily and recorded in Infinite Campus by the conclusion of the regularly scheduled morning meeting (8:15), and after the conclusion of lunch/recess (no later than 12:00). 

Students are considered in attendance if: 

  • Student logs into a live, virtual class meeting and the teacher marks the student as present in Infinite Campus. 

  • Teacher enters/modifies attendance in Infinite Campus based upon assigned daily classwork completion in Schoology. 

  • In case of connectivity issues, parents must call the school to confirm their student is working independently at home, and the registrar or designee will modify the attendance in Infinite Campus.

If your student is ill, or cannot attend remote learning for any reason, please call the attendance line at 720-972-5538

Current Units of Study


Everyday Math Unit 4

The study and understanding of the relationships between area and perimeter related to polygons and quadrilaterals through the lens of structure and its precise language.


Unit 3 Illustrations Illuminate

 A study of fables, folktales and myths from diverse cultures, explaining how specific aspects of illustrations contribute to what is conveyed by the words in a story, also focusing on identifying the moral and suppoprting details.


Opinion Essay

Students will write an opinion piece on topics supporting a point of view with reasons and information in which they introduce the topic clearly, state an opinion and create an organizational structure in which related ideas are grouped to support the writer’s purpose.

Social Studies

Our Democratic Community

 In this unit we talk about the role and offices of local government, the difference between rights, responsibilities, and privileges, as well as how to voice your opinion.

Remote Learning Websites & Activities for extra practice 

Math Game Website - 

Books read by actors -

Typing - & 

Board and Card Games

Have your kids cook with you to practice their fractions!

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Mrs. Scherrer's Class

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