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Science Page

Our first science unit this year is on Energy.  Student scientists will study the different forms and transformations of energy.  We are beginning the unit developing a deeper understanding of the scientific process and how this problem-solving/thinking process is applicable to real life.  We have many exciting experiments planned in this unit that help us explore energy in its many forms:  Kinetic/mechanical, thermal/heat, electric/electromagnetism, light, and sound.  We also learn about energy conservation/alternative energy sources!

The unit following energy will be on the patterns in our solar system.  Students will explore the components in the solar system and predict patterns of objects in the sky as observed from Earth.  We are planning a field trip in late October to the Fiske planetarium at CU Boulder.  There will be more details to come.  Please check our monthly newsletters for info on all things related to fabulous fourth grade.  :)