5th Grade

Grade(s): 5th Grade

Welcome To 5th Grade At Mountain View

Welcome to 5th grade at Mountain View Elementary. This year will be a big year as your student begins their transition into young adulthood and attending middle school. Our goal is to engage and inspire our students to innovate, achieve, and succeed in a safe and supportive environment. In fifth grade we strive to develop learners who are inquisitive, independent and determined to reach their highest potential. We look forward to working together with you as a team through  communication and collaboration to make this year an amazing experience for you and your child.

In 5th grade, we specialize our instruction by content. Ms. Ho and Mr. Lowthian specialize in reading, writing, and social studies. Mrs. Kidd and Mrs. Kraus specialize in teaching math and science. Please click on our classroom pages to learn more about each class.

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5th Grade Classrooms

Ms. Ho's Class

Excellence by Design

Class website: https://sites.google.com/adams12.org/mshosclass Hi and welcome to 5th grade. My name is Catrina Ho and I teach 5th grade reading, writing, and social studies. This year I am honored to be partnering with Ms. Kidd who teaches math,...

Ms. Kidd's Class

Excellence by Design

Class Website https://sites.google.com/adams12.org/mrskiddsclass/home Welcome to 5th grade!  My name is Karen Kidd and I am excited about this year. This is my fourth year at Mountain View.  I will be teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies.  I...

Mrs. Kraus' Class

Excellence by Design

Welcome to Mrs. Kraus' class! https://sites.google.com/adams12.org/mrskrausclass I am thrilled to be teaching fifth grade Math and Science at Mountain View Elementary! I am in my 20th year of teaching and this is my third year at Mountain View. I...

Mr. Lowthian's Class

Excellence Through Education!

Hello! You have found Mr. Lowthian's 2017-18 fifth grade classroom website. I am proud to have been an educator at MVES for the past 12 years. I am the language arts teacher for 5th grade.  This year I am excited to be working with Mrs. Kraus. She...