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Deaf and Hard of Hearing (1st-5th)

The Mountain View center-based D/HH program is a unique program that serves students preschool through fifth grade.  The D/HH program provides a full continuum of service delivery.  Services range from being fully mainstreamed to self-contained classes.  Our program is based on the total communication philosophy, not method, which embraces all communication choices and utilizes the approaches that are most effective for each individual student.  At this time, the program includes 65 students with mild to profound hearing losses.  

The students have a variety of primary communication modalities ranging from aural/oral to English-based to ASL.  Each child's communication mode is respected and encouraged.  In general, the sign system utilized for instruction and interpreting is C.A.S.E. (Conceptually Accurate Signed English).  There is also strong emphasis on the develpment of each child's auditory, speech, and speechreading skills.  Deaf role models, a Deaf studies program, organized social events with multi-age D/HH students, and sign classes for families, are all part of the program.  Five Adams County school districts have an option to refer students to Mountain View, which is considered an "inter-district" or "center" school for the D/HH population.  District 12 also offers center programs at the Middle and High School levels.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (1st-5th) Classrooms

Mrs. Arvidson's Class

Subject: General Education
página de inicio en español      Trang chủ tiếng việt This week’s Learning Board SUMMER NEWSLETTER Please contact me at my email address at if you need help! For a richer learning experience, check out the...

Ms. Heather's Class

Subject: General Education
Hello parents/guardians and students! Hola padres / guardianes y estudiantes! I cannot say just how much I miss seeing your faces everyday! As we move forward with remote learning, the following information will be important. I will be holding...

Ms. Booth's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to my class page! I work with the mainstreamed students in 1st through 5th grade. I go into classrooms to support my students in the general education environment. I also pull the students out to provide more direct support in reading,...

Mr. Fullam's Class

Subject: General Education
Hi! My name is Michael Fullam. Most people know me as Mr. Mike This is my first year teaching at Mountain View and I'm excited to be part of such an amazing D/HH team! I am originally from Philadelphia. My wife and I moved to this beautiful state...

Ms. Kovacs' Class

Subject: Reading
Welcome to my class page! I work with the mainstreamed students in first through fifth grade. My students are in the mainstream classroom for the majority of their day. I love going into each classroom to support the students in the general...

Mrs. Sales's Class

Subject: English
Hi all students and families from Mountain View!  I'm excited to get started with remote learning! You can go to the links below for the different ELD classes to get started: Ms. Allshouse's 4th grade DHH ELLs: