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Mrs. Treese's Class

General Education

Hello Fourth Grade Families!  I believe in teaching the “whole child” and will employ a variety of learning strategies in my classroom this year that will help build our connections to each other as community members, creative learners and writers, curious scientists, critical thinkers, mathematicians, and remarkable readers who adore reading!  We will be up and moving this year as we work collaboratively, engaged in team and class building activities aligning with our curriculum. 

Please refer to the subject pages under the 4th grade menu for more information as the year progresses.  We will also have a detailed monthly newsletter for fourth grade on this website.  Please read those newsletters and feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns.  You can also make an appointment to speak with me if you wish.  I want you to know we are on the same team:  The academic success and overall well-being of YOUR child is our top priority. 

Nicole Treese