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Physical Education


Let us ALL hope there will not be any need to upload remote PE learning resources and content this year! While I feel it was a valuable learning experience for all, and a chance for everyone to move and think creatively, there is just no substitue for in-person Physical Education. That being said, I will update remote content if needed and this will be the place where you will find it. Please take a moment to read this quick snapshot of what MVE PE is all about and please never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns:



What students will be doing in Physical Education-Students will be challenged in P.E. through a variety of life-long activities. Students will be exposed to learning targets through a "Body-Brain-Character" lens. They will begin class with a handshake (high-5 or fistpound) and will immediately begin the "Do Now" (instant activity) of the day. This will typically be some form of bodyweight or "Gravity" exercise focusing on Muscular Strength/Endurance, balance, flexibility or cardiovascular endurance. Students will then have a chance to refocus and reflect before starting the next activity. The "What-Why-How?" will be shared in order to ground students on the learning for that day. Skill themes are taught in a variety of ways. For example: throwing and catching may be centered around a Frisbee, during a game called "UFO Attack". The skill theme of balancing and jumping/landing may be centered around Parkour and tumbling during a "Lava Land" unit. With all themes, elements of learning and units, there will be a significant underlying theme of inclusiveness, problem solving, perseverance, struggle and teamwork. 

How students can become Physically Literate-Relying on consistency around Mountain View's campus, the 5 School Rocks (Do Your Job, Be Kind, Be Safe, Show Initiative and Persevere) will guide daily learning, focus and reflection. Students will also learn what it takes to be a "Big Horn Kid" in P.E. (focusing on the elements for improvement: Time-Patience-Practice). Daily challenges and opportunities will also allow students to go above and beyond in order to exemplify what it takes to become a "Warrior Kid" in P.E. (focusing on: Struggle-Discipline-Resilience). The ultimate mastery will be students that can approach any challenge with a positive attitude, can work with others to achieve success, problem solve and become agents of their own health and wellness. A 5th grader that leaves my program should walk into middle school with a solid foundation of health and wellness, and the confidence and competence to participate in any adventure they desire. 

How students will be assessed-There will be a focus on Self and Peer Assessments when it comes to the mastery of the Body and Brain learning targets. A 4-3-2-1 scale will be used: 4=Wow, 3=Got it, 2=Getting There, 1=Not Yet. This will largely be done with a form of QR code scanning done through a program called "Plickers". The Character target will be assessed by keeping track of daily behavior points lost (teacher assessed) and self checks at the end of every class (self assessed). Being realistic in the amount of time students are in P.E. during a given school year (roughly 40-50 days), formative assessments to mastery are an ongoing process from 1st-5th grade. 

Ultimate Physical Education-The hope is to create a group of learners that are kind, hard working and respectful. Students should walk out of 5th grade with the confidence and competence to perform multiple physical skills in different contexts and environments with mature form (Body Target), deep level knowledge of multiple health concepts that can guide them to a lifetime of healthy living (Brain Target), and a solid foundation of positive character traits and values (Character Target).