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Mr. Alimonos' Class

General Education

I'm so excited to be back, live, at Mountain View Elementary. This year's 5th grade class will work hard on reaching their potential each and everyday. I believe that learing is a life long skill that is increadibly fun and fulfilling.  You can not learn alone so it is integral to share your thoughts, ideas and understanding with others to reach your true learning potential. Colabrative Learning is key part that I try to bring to all aspects of teaching. We will focus on not only academic goals, but also on life skills such as being proactive, responsible, flexible, and having a growth mindset. 

Please refer to our Weekly Newsletters to learn what we are doing specifically in each content area throughout the year.  You can access these via email every Friday.

If you have any questions about the information found here or can't find the information you need for this class, please contact me directly via e-mail (, or in person in room A-15.  You can also reach me by hitting the Contact button at the top of this page, I would be happy to set an appointment with you to discuss any concerns in person, ZOOM or via phone. 

I look forward to getting to know you all this year!