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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Preschool

Remote Learning Begins April 2nd, 2020.

This webpage will be the main source for our remote learning. Mrs. Knies and Mrs. Harris will have office hours daily at varying times. Office hours are posted on our Remote Learning website (click on the link below). You can contact each teacher through email or the Remind App. If you want to set up a Zoom call or a phone call, please email or Remind Text us and we will set up a video or phone call with you during our office hours.

Click here to access your remote learning.

The Mountain View Elementary DHH Preschool Program is for children three to five years of age with an educationally significant hearing loss.  Class size is typically 10-12 students.  We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which the students learn, interact, and play.  We use a thematic based approach to learning and developing academic readiness skills.  Language development and communication skills are the foundation for this program.  We focus on building vocabulary and background knowledge to develop language and connect to curriculum. 

Our program stems from a total communication philosophy.  Whole group instruction is conducted in simultaneous communication (talking and signing at the same time) using CASE/PSE (Conceptually Accurate Signed English/Pidgin Signed English).  In one-on-one or small group instruction, the communication mode may vary depending on individual students’ needs. 

Research shows that it is important for the social/emotional health of Deaf/HH children (especially those from hearing families) to have opportunities for social interaction with peers with whom they can communicate easily.  We have a critical mass of DHH students at MVE, which helps promote self-confidence and build social skills. 

All Adams 12 preschool students are administered the Teaching Strategies GOLD three times a year.  It is a state-wide assessment that focuses on development in the cognitive, academic, language, motor, and social-emotional areas.  We also conduct a variety of formal and informal assessments, collect data, and make observations to drive our instruction and meet each individual child’s needs pertaining to his/her IEP.

We are proud that our DHH Preschool Program is part of the elementary school, which creates a unique and supportive community. 

For more information on our DHH Program, please click on this link:  MVE DHH Program

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