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Genius Lab

We miss you in Genius Lab!

If you would like to keep the creativity going while you're at home, you're in luck!

Using projects from Science Demo Guy Josh Willoughby , we will post an activity each week that will let you stretch your brain and practice your 21st Century Skills.

Each activity is designed to need a few basic supplies, and each comes with a video to help you get started. 

Keep in mind the STEM Engineering Process as you work.  Have fun!

Activity 1:  Air Show Competition                    Activity 2:  High in the Sky                   Activity 3:  Lost Marble Lift


                 Activity 4:  Troll Bridge                     Activity 5:  Treasure Island Rescue                 Activity 6:  Roller Coaster B-day Party


We'd love to see your genius!  Make a video on Flipgrid to show off what you made!

Here's another great resource for some DIY science-based fun: