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Math Games/Resources

Here is a website that gives you access to all of the 3rd grade math homelinks!

Step 1: Click on link above

Step 2: When the new page opens up, click on 3rd GRADE from the left hand menu

Step 3: Under 3rd GRADE, click EM4

Step 4: Under EM4, click EM at Home 

Step 5: Choose a math unit

Step 6: Find the appropriate lesson number and then click on the PDF icon labeled "English" in the 3rd column

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
PDF icon AdditionNoRegroup SnakesLadders.pdf402 KB09/17/2019
PDF icon Directions for Role to 1,000.pdf91.84 KB08/30/2018
PDF icon IHaveWhoHasAdditionFactsCCSSAligned (1).pdf109.48 KB09/17/2019
PDF icon Number-Line_Squeeze.pdf108.08 KB09/17/2019
PDF icon Roll to 1,000 recording sheet.pdf29.9 KB08/30/2018
PDF icon Top-it Math Games.pdf132.59 KB08/30/2018