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Bear News

The most current Bear News will be posted here for you to see what we will be doing during our next unit of study.  Click "Read More" to see the attachment.  Please see the vocabulary list for the unit so that you can practice those words with your child at home.  

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
File Unit 1 Connecting With School and Friends.docx756.42 KB09/10/2018
PDF icon Apples&Nuts2018 PDF.pdf562.09 KB10/03/2018
PDF icon CommunityHelpers2019 PDF.pdf586.92 KB03/12/2019
PDF icon Dinosaurs2019.pdf378.76 KB01/29/2019
PDF icon Goldilocks2018 PDF.pdf401.85 KB09/17/2018
PDF icon Insects2019 PDF.pdf515.55 KB04/29/2019
PDF icon Ocean2018.pdf401.59 KB11/06/2018
PDF icon Pumpkins&Halloween2018 PDF.pdf368.59 KB10/22/2018
PDF icon Ranch&Dairy2019 PDF.pdf469.17 KB04/03/2019
PDF icon Spring2019 PDF.pdf430.42 KB04/16/2019
PDF icon Transportation2018.pdf361.71 KB11/27/2018
PDF icon Winter2019 PDF.pdf453.65 KB01/10/2019