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Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off and Pick Up

Where can I drop off or pick up my student each day?

There are several options for drop-off locations at Mountain View.  If you want to drop off your child without leaving your car, there are two areas in which you can do so:

  1. On Perry Street in front of the school on the west side of the street – Please stay in your car if you use this “Hug and Go Lane” on the west side of Perry street.  Please do not pull into the staff lot or the bus lane before or after school.  Please be aware that there are a number of designated no parking areas marked by a yellow curb on the east side of the street in order to keep our crosswalks safer.
  2. On Arlington Ave., just off of Forest View Street – Please pull into a parking spot and let your child out only in the parking spaces provided. The parking spaces are only for drop-off and pick-up so please do not leave your car unattended.  If your student is prepared to leave the vehicle and the parking spaces are all occupied, please pull ahead as far as you can, pull over alongside the curb and have them exit the vehicle on the passenger side directly to the sidewalk.

Park and walk up to the school.

  1. Annex parking lot, closest to Brandywine Park.
  2. On street parking in the neighborhood,
    1. East side of Perry St.
    2. North and south sides of 124th.

Please encourage your children to walk to the crosswalks where teachers are located in order to get to the school and not to cut through the parking lot and then cross in front of the buses.